Race with us!

Project852 is all about having the opportunity to be part of a HONG KONG team at overseas stage races. Project852 has been conceived to combine riders from multiple Hong Kong clubs so we can maximise team sizes in each division, with the ulitmate aim of making the experience better for all.

About Project852

The team element is critical at tough multi-day cycling events – riders not only need to help each other but they can also put together team strategies to go for the win.

Why Project852?

By removing historical club rivalry and combining riders from Hong Kong under one banner, we will form a stronger and more capable team. And of course its also about having fun, having people to hang out with in the evenings, to share race stories, advice for the next stage, or simply to help with the organisation.

What P852 does

When you enter a cycling stage race with Project 852, you will be connected with other riders prior to the event in case you want to do some training together. At the event, you'll have team mates to ride and hang out with. Project 852 does not provide any funding or organisation, you will still need to handle your race entry, flights and transportation yourself.


The team is totally open, no qualifications required, only the commitment to race. Project 852 provides the opportunity for Hong Kong riders of any level. That said, we are still racing for results and in addition to relative beginners, we also hope to attract strong and experienced cyclists..

Get involved

The Project 852 team going to one event could be completely different to a team going to another. We simply form a team for each target event. To secure your place in the team you simply need to sign up in one of our target races as found in the news and events section.

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